VISITING THE EXCAVATION SITE is our workshop proposal addressed to primary school children. During the classes, we will introduce students to the archaeology and the profession of an archeologist.


During the 90-minute class we will make the children familiar with important archaeological terms, like an archaeological site, an excavation or an artefact. We will learn basics of an archaeological dating, observing a model of soil layers. We will take part in a real-like archaeological dig, searching for artifacts hidden in a trench model we prepared. We will examine the findings with actual scientific tools too. 


After all we'll listen about the art of conservation of an artefact. Working in teams, we will also glue pieces of broken ceramic vessels.



7-12 years old



3-6 years old

A LITTLE ARCHAEOLOGIST is our workshop proposal addressed to pre-school children. During the classes, we will introduce preschoolers to the profession of an archeologist and we will learn how to discover the past!


During the 60-minute class we will touch real artefacts and literally smell the past. We will get to know the tools of a real archeologist. We will dig, or rather excavate, (in the sandbox model we prepared!) artefacts with the help of archaeological equipment, and then we will weigh and measure them. We will try to put the broken pieces of artefacts together like 3D puzzles. As real pre-schoolers, during a meeting we will learn a poem about an archaeologist. And all of this just to awaken the curiosity to explore the world!


Each participant of the workshop will receive A Little Archaeologist Diploma after the "training" !


We are pleased to present you our offer of archaeological classes in English.

In our offer you will find 2 topics - for preschool and school children.

Our classes are carried out by professional archaeologists with experience in working with children of all ages.


Explore our workoshops and discover the fascinating world of the Past!


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